A Special Visitor at Our Packaging Plant


On April 12, we had the pleasure of welcoming a special guest at our plant – Andy Beshear, Governor of Kentucky.

Prior to the visit, he exchanged with The News-Enterprise, saying:

“I’m very excited to see it, knowing that since it’s one of the newest, it’s one of the most advanced in the country,” Beshear said. “As somebody who was in on these discussions from the very start and then to see Kentuckians working at this facility is really special for me.”

During his visit of the establishment, he had the chance to speak with members of Kruger’s management team, employees and to learn more about our manufacturing process.

“It’s incredible and we’re so proud that Kruger selected Elizabethtown and Kentucky for what has to be one the most technologically advanced facilities of their kind anywhere in the world,” Beshear said following the tour. “They’ve been really thoughtful on how to use automation to reduce the strain on people and how they put safety first, meaning that everybody goes home to their family at the end of the day feeling good, having had a great work day.”

Thank you, Mr. Beshear, for your visit!

All quotes taken from The News-Enterprise article.

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